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Students Tout Wifi Co-ops as Alternative to Municipal Wifi

Posted in wifi by forgr on February 6, 2008

Students Tout Wifi Co-ops as Alternative to Municipal Wifi

By David Chartier | Published: February 06, 2008 – 04:58AM CT

The initial excitement and advantages of municipal WiFi projects have been met with increasingly complex and insurmountable obstacles. At first it was just a few telecom and broadband providers objecting to their turf getting trampled, but soon issues like economics, politics, and the bigger picture began stopping many projects dead in their tracks. If you’re the “hail Mary” type, though, a new proposal from students at MIT and the University of Cambridge could turn things around eventually. Dubbed “wireless cooperative,” the proposal is based on the fact that many urban areas are already peppered with plenty of personal and business hotspots—they just need some finessing to go municipal.