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Project phases, a really early draft of steps

Posted in discovery stages, planning, research, writing by forgr on February 18, 2008

Step One, Planning: Who, What, When, Where, Why, How. Writing thinking.

Step Two, Pilot: get donations, hardware, WiMax, funding, press and participation. Get feedback via email.
Step Three, Review: see who benefitted, where the painpoints are and what worked. Retool.

Step Four, Non-Profit filing: Create a board, get strong volunteer base, documents, phase 1 website

Step Five, Physical presence: Storefront, workshop, members/clients, volunteer employees, class schedule, hours.

Step Six, Grand Opening: Press release, internet presence, eNewsletter, mailing list, posters.

Step Seven, Wild success in Grand Rapids: Grants, statewide recognition, love, strong community, digital inclusion

Step Eight, expansion all over the state or country

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