ellohay! West Michigan

Types of volunteers needed, draft

So if we do something like this, we’re going to need help, we’re going to need smart people. Right?

Example of people

Photo from flickr-user mayhem, for use under creative commons license

Board of directors
Executive director
Advisors, multilingual

Website owners, multilingual
Web portal owners, multilingual
Email newsletter designer and manager, multilingual
Email list owner

New membership team, multilingual
Member management
Member tracking, follow up
Receptionist, multilingual

Community outreach, multilingual
Volunteer coordinators, multilingual
Public relations, program awareness and evangelist, multilingual

Floor managers, multilingual
Workshop teachers, multilingual
One-on-one mentors, multilingual

Workshop schedule owner (participating organizations)
Reciprocal organizations resource list owner and evangelist
Calendar owner
Events coordinator

Hardware manager
Hardware gleaners
Hardware sorters
Hardware cleaners/installers
Software gleaners
Open source program gurus
Tech accessory managers

Writers and content creators
Printed material creators
Printed material distributors
Printed material organizers

Tech support teams
Wifi/WiMax gurus

Fund raisers
Grant writers

Corporate environment navigators (for equipment)
Financial planners

Facility managers
Maintenance personnel

Who else would we need help from in a project like this? Help me out here…