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Tech and what makes us tick

Posted in breakthrough, discovery stages, logic by forgr on August 3, 2008

Technology can be intimidating.

Trying to understanding technology by ourselves can be intimidating.

Most individuals avoid people, places, and things that are scary.

Avoiding something is a way to protect oneself from harm.

If we fear technology, we will avoid technology for as long as we can.

Avoiding technology is very difficult, it’s everywhere because it is effective.

Personal computers are very helpful tools.

Many tasks in the workplace, and in our personal lives are computer-based tasks.

If we understand what makes a piece of advanced technology a helpful tool, we are more likely to make room for it in our lives.

Relying on someone else to provide education and support is very common.

Many people who have home computers now, rely on a kind neighbor, relative, or friend to help them trouble shoot and fix their computers.

Most companies have tech support resources at their disposal, and rely on them to troubleshoot or fix computers, but their company pays for the service.

New technology is very complicated to understand.

The fast pace of innovation is difficult to keep up with.

If a person misses out on some new technology paradigm, it is often difficult to catch up later.

Not knowing something that everybody else seems to know is often embarrassing and overwhelming.

It is difficult to avoid technology as it becomes more and more prevalent in our everyday lives.

Many of us use a computer at work.

Many of us use a computer everyday.

New computers are expensive.

Used computers are affordable, but often unreliable.

Affording any computer is difficult, and there are usually other necessities that take precedence.

Computers make our lives easier overall.

Everyone deserves to be on a level playing field.

Everyone deserves the opportunity to have access to common tools.

Many of us, because of our financial status, do not have equal and meaningful exposure to technology.

Those of us that can afford new technology, have an upper hand.

Understanding how to use computers can make us more efficient in our daily tasks.

Abundant information is available online to learn new skills, and understand the world around us.

If we can be more efficient and more intelligent, we can potentially get better, more high paying jobs, and our quality of life will improve.

If we know how to use technological tools, we have a greater opportunity to get higher grades in school, which leads to great opportunities for college and education.

Having access to the internet and the tools to digest the information available online is beneficial to us.

Having access to the internet allows us to research, purchase items, sell items, publish information, digest information and communicate efficiently.

Having access to the internet allows us to communicate with one another in high volumes, in many different ways, over long distances, and at a low cost.

If we are exposed to each others cultures through sharing information on the internet, we can understand each other better.

If we are able to express ourselves through digital means in high volumes, in many different ways, over long distances, and at a low cost, those who did not have a voice previously can now be heard.

NTEN research, case studies

Posted in wifi by forgr on February 21, 2008

So far this is the best one I’ve found “No Strings Attached: Wireless Internet’s Potential for Nonprofits” nten_wireless_casestudies_0207.pdf

“The second part of the No Strings Attached report provides a description of several nonprofit programs that are already effectively using municipal wireless to improve their work and expand their services.”

Link to it, read more and explore here. (I’m still working on a similar case study/story that I’ve experienced first hand with the Red Cross…)

Some more benchmarks, GR’s outlines potential resources

Posted in benchmarks, hardware resources, research by forgr on February 5, 2008

MiBiz, Article about Comprenew

WorldWide Christian School’s Comprenew program website

ISI’s Case Study on Comprenew Environmental Trust

Fighting the Good Fight for Municipal Wireless: Applying lessons from Philadelphia’s WiFi story

Ocean City New Jersey Municipal Wireless project
Computer Recycling of Virginia for Non-Profits and Schools

Community Technology Centers’ Network
CTCNet was founded on the recognition that in an increasingly technologically dominated society, people who are economically disadvantaged will be left further behind if they are not provided access to and training on information tools.

Our mission is to provide resources and advocacy to improve the quality and sustainability of CTCs for underserved communities.

A world in which all people have equitable access to technology and the skills necessary to use it meaningfully.

Piles of links, research

Posted in bookmarks, discovery stages by forgr on February 4, 2008