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Potentially Existing Community Programs

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Organizations that may already include technology education or client internet access into their curriculum/program. Or organizations that might have computer labs open for their clients.

Senior Citizens

Special Needs groups
At Risk Children

Welfare to Work
After-school Organizations, Student Aid Programs
Disaster Aid Organizations

Deaf Community
Blind Community

K-12 Education Facilities
College-Bound Student Organizations
College and University Organizations

Drop out boost up Programs
Young Mothers
Single Mothers
Mental Health Community
Terminal or long term Patients
Hospital Patients
Hospice Community
Physical Therapy
Head Start


Group Homes
Missions, Ministries
Continuing Adult Education
Faith Based Organizations (Catholic Society of…)
Women’s Shelters
Scholarship Programs
Arts and Music Education ProgramsParks and recreation
Library Education
Community Media groups
Community Colleges

Community literacy organizations

…who else?

Why do we care who’s already working to maintain programs?

It only makes sense to work with these organizations, help keep them going by providing support in some way. Form alliances, create partnerships. Why compete to help the same people? We might be able to help existing programs stronger, better, more effective. Who else is missing from this list?

MSU list of grants for nonprofits, resources

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A pretty good list. Thanks for the leg work MSU

“A compilation of web pages and books of potential interest to nonprofit organizations seeking funding opportunities related to computer technology.”