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Potential Problems

Posted in discovery stages, planning, potential problems, support by forgr on March 5, 2008

Some potential problems with our program’s assets:

Computer breaks
Computer is lost, stolen or sold
Can’t volunteer or contribute for various reasons
Abuse or inappropriate behavior
Software/OS problems
Power cables non functional, lost, stolen, sold
Damage to machine
Lost data

So what can we do? What do we need to do?:

Offer support
Have basic insurance available to purchase?
Require police report
Require signing of appropriate usage agreement
Get a lawyer or two
Use open source OS and software
Make accessories a la carte (?)
Impress upon clients the importance of the tool, make the program theirs
Make sure that clients know the possibility of lost data

What else Devil’s Advocates? Bring it on.

Digital Inclusion Workshop structure, draft

Posted in discovery stages, organization, planning by forgr on February 19, 2008

Almost two weeks ago, I sketched out four circles on a piece of paper in front of Victor to explain the necessary components to this crazy workshop project.Once I drew it, he got it. I guess I draw better than I speak… good thing I work in the field that I do, huh?

I had a chance to make the diagram last night in a little more formalized way and thought I’d share it with you all.

For more context, and for those of you just tuning in, this is a diagram to explain the four major components that are integral to this project/workshop.

1. Hardware

2. Tools

3. Support

4. Education

I don’t have everything in here, but it’s a start… Most of the items in the Tools section are already available, it’s the three others than need more development, discussion.

Digital Inclusion Workshop structure

So, what am I missing? And what doesn’t make sense? And more importantly.. what do you think?