ellohay! West Michigan


This blog is a collection of writings on a work in progress.

Currently, it’s a loose conversation, a potential project, a collaboration. I would like very much for what’s being discussed here to become a non-profit organization in the near future, as this seems to be the best way to bridge the digital gap in our community.

One day I’ll look back on this collection of ideas, benchmarks, and thoughts as highly unprofessional, scattered, and naive. Until that time, I need to get it all down on paper.

If you’re curious about me personally, my name’s Marie-Claire, I’m 27. I work a full time as interaction designer at a design consultancy in Grand Rapids, MI. In my free time I volunteer as much as I can, but right now a concerned citizen working towards a goal.

I started thinking about the digital inclusion for Grand Rapids and wrote a scattered introductory post here. Since then I’ve met with several individuals in my area that have all been in favor of the concept of this project, and have offered their support.

If you’re curious of where I am in the process, I’m working on a business plan as we speak (02-25-2008).

If you’re interested in mentoring, consulting, have words of wisdom, or are thinking about becoming a volunteer and assisting in the formation of this program, please email me at marie.claire.camp at gmail.com or call (616) 446 3622 any time.

I’m new at this and am still learning this process, thank you for being patient while I collect my thoughts.

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