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Posted in portal, public face, website by forgr on January 11, 2009

We mocked up a version of the front page of the future ellohay.org website, I’ve posted it here, and to the live site as well. Some of the questions we asked ourselves, and aimed to answer as we sketched:


Who is the site for?
What is ellohay! West Michigan?
Why should I care?
How do I get involved with the organization?
Does this person have all the information he needs to take the next step?
What does she need as a potential new client?
Where does she go as a new client?
How does a guardian, a teacher, a mentor use the site?
What will an established client need?
Will a potential donor have all the information he needs to take the next step?
Would I want to come back to the site?

What do you think? Did our first attempt come close? What’s missing?

The next step will be to create an updated version with your feedback, layout an internal page (like an “about” page, or a “program” page) to see how the navigation plays out, and if the page structure makes sense.

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  1. Lisa said, on January 25, 2009 at 11:50 am

    Checking in to let you know that the website looks very interesting. I was looking for a clear place where the sponsors would be acknowledged. Some people are cautious about participating in anything “free” if they know that the sponsor is someone they do not support.

    Another point, although it is difficult to know when the site is inoperable at this time, will there be a place for “piglatin” moments?!

    Will you have a Children’s Shop in Grand Rapids-with a focus on “Languages of the Child”
    similar to Reggio Emilio’s 100 languages of Children? Writing workshops using a computer, communicating with children all over Michigan, in other states and then in the world!

  2. Lisa said, on January 25, 2009 at 12:04 pm

    Another couple of thoughts…a map of locales where laptops are being used by neighborhoods, not exact addresses but as an idea of where the project is meeting the immediate needs of the community. (A demographic bit if information, as needed for people looking for information on digital inclusion funding somewhere.) Maybe a quote about West Michigan? You mention the place in your name, by connecting in some way to the “place” and its people (meaningful relationships with technology) how can you show it in some way…?

    Also, how is the wireless system doing in Grand Rapids?

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