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Online safety tips from Google and AARP

Posted in education, links for community, privacy and safety by forgr on October 8, 2008

I ran across this article this morning on the Official Google Blog on educating our 50+ citizens (AARP members) on online safety. Google and AARP created a series of clear and helpful informative videos that even I (27, internet savvy) enjoyed watching.

Up until now, a majority of 50+ people relied on other savvy individuals (neighbors, Best Buy’s Geek Squad, children, patient grand children etc.) to explain things to them. But the problem still remains that those explanations aren’t always captured (written down, recorded) efficiently, aren’t always as clear, or in depth as they often need to be. My mom (59) who’s pretty quick with computers and internet navigation, calls me every once to ask questions about uploading, downloading, formatting files, and the occasional email question too.

From the Official Google Blog article:

Now more than ever before, older Americans are logging on and surfing the web to stay in touch with family and friends, read websites and blogs, share photos, watch videos, and run online businesses. Like all Internet users, they’re sometimes faced with unsafe activity online, such as viruses and malware, and they’re looking for resources to learn how to keep their information on the web safe, private, and under their control.

A few of the videos that AARP and Google created together. Check out the video “Know what’s posted about you online” it’s clear, descriptive and an extremely good primer for those of us who are just starting out online.

Read more here.

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  1. Scott said, on October 9, 2008 at 12:20 pm

    This is interesting stuff. I’ve been thinking a lot about retirees online after visiting my dad this summer and seeing how he interacts with the internet. He had no trouble deciphering their DVR to record TV shows, but couldn’t figure out how to attach an image to an email.

    I do think that the stumbling block for seniors online is trust. You can’t trust much of anything online and this keeps people from engaging with the meaningful content that is out there. The internet savvy can ‘smell’ a scam. The novice user has no idea. The world is a crazy place. Maybe those nice Nigerian folks could use a place to crash when they come to America and who doesn’t want a few million in the old bank account.

    The scam is a kind of entertainment as well. Somehow, the user’s goal is to get something for free. It’s like Vegas.

    Hakia is a semantic web search engine that has a ‘credible’ sites filter. A strange criterion. Is that the best we can do to build trust? It’s the spam filter of the internet I suppose.


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