ellohay! West Michigan

Naming exercises continued

Posted in physical presence, planning, writing by forgr on April 10, 2008

Grand Rapids United

Technology United

Laptops United

Peregrine United

Technology Independence Initiative

Hi. Hey. Hello.

Free up




Sea Change

See Change



Move Around

Get Around



Free Change

Me. You. Us.

We. Us. Ours.

Center for things, inc.







The Technology Workshop

artex (out techs)



Great Tech


Free Fall


Community Connect


The Fire







Open Door

Free Key


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  1. smcmaster said, on April 11, 2008 at 7:30 am

    I hadn’t really given much thought the the name of the actual place/organization/service….. I pretty well like forgr, though I can see it has shortcomings… just looking at the word, such as it is, it isn’t a word with any immediate meaning or connotations. It only takes a little unpacking to see it’s for g.r. (Grand Rapids, of course). This gives it a meaning of something to benefit Grand Rapids. But, of course, it doesn’t indicate what.

    The Technology Workshop is the one which next jumps up for me. It says what it is, what the project is actually about, but leaves out the community component–but too much name is as bad as too little… and maybe if the project grows that could be included (i.e. TTW: forgr; TTW:holland; TTW:fordc and so on)!

    I had to look up the word peregrine–two years of high school Latin didn’t give me that word–not that I remember much of my two years of high school Latin anyway. Wanderer. That’s an idea which cropped up a few times on the list. It’s neat but doesn’t quite do it for me based on what I’ve seen of the project so far. I think I understand why the idea, and it’s appropriate, just not very grabby for me…

    Finally… the word independence, for me as I realized as I read the list, and this is strange to realize, has a couple of dissonant connotations for me… In its contemporary political useage, I feel it’s a word sometimes used to dress up anti-social urges… not violence or anything like that, just a sort of anit-community individualism or some sort of in-group-ism… Another odd connotation is related to the idea of the ‘independent living center’ which (while I know this is not the case) sounds like the opposite of independent living, or a faux independance, a coddling sort of independance within very significant constraints.

    Oh, one other thing… I like the word “Socket” and if there’s a way to get that word into the organization name or one of the organization’s project names, that’d be really neat.

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