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Posted in education, membership benefits, organization, planning by forgr on February 27, 2008

Some ideas for community classes or workshops. I yanked some of these directly from Philly Is On, they have a good schedule there.

Use the Internet I: Introduction
So, this Internet thing. What can it do for me?

Use the Internet II: Websites
Learn the basics about using websites.

Use the Internet III: Email
Learn email basics and find out where to get a free account.

Use the Internet IV: Search Engines
Find information on almost any topic quickly and easily.

Set up a PayPal Account
Learn how to set up a PayPal account to use with eBay and other popular Web sites and services.

Find a Job Online
Learn tips and tricks for finding the job of your dreams online! Includes Philly-specific links.

Set Up a MySpace Profile
Learn how to set up a MySpace profile and use many of the site’s popular features.

Set Up a Facebook Profile
Learn how to build a profile on Facebook and use many of the site’s popular features.

Set Up an Instant Messaging Account
Learn how to set up and use AOL Instant Messenger to send instant messages (IMs)

Post Videos on YouTube
Learn how to upload and share videos on YouTube, the most popular video site on the Web.

Make Your Own Blog
Create a blog to share with family, friends and the world!

Create your own website
Scanning photos, art
Digital photos
Spam, scams, banner ads, identity
Safety and security for children
Safety and security for adults

Make your own videos

Make your own eNewsletter

What else? Help me out here guys.

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  1. henry2u said, on March 8, 2008 at 4:41 pm

    How about security concerns? I’m assuming that a lot of the computers involved in this will be PC’s…..which means virus protection. Perhaps some instructions on the need for performing basic, periodic maintenance routines Maybe instructions for on-line dating?

  2. forgr said, on March 8, 2008 at 9:35 pm

    Help me out here PC users, developers, programmers… I’m a Mac user, I don’t get viruses. Tell me how it is, and how it could be for our potential clients and security, viruses… the lot. Dating, yes… nice. Maintenance routines, yes.

    How about downloading music, legal and illegal practices?
    Selling your crafts online, Esty 101
    Flickr 101
    Podcasts 101
    RSS Feeds 101
    Wikis 101
    Craig’s List 101
    Social bookmarking 101

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