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Duplication of efforts, thoughts

Posted in discovery stages, organization, partners, planning, support by forgr on February 24, 2008

So John mentioned that he told his girlfriend Cynthia about this idea, and her question (which is one that I have been mulling over for weeks now) was, “are there already other programs like this in this area?” It’s most likely easier to join another organization than to start one from scratch, right? Yes. I would love if there was another program in place.

So far I have run into one program in that is similar, as far as discount technology providers, and one program that provides technology education for the community. What would be optimal is to use both of their facilities in the education, and device chain.

Tech support is something that is rare to come by for free. Some there are services that will drive out to your home in branded cars, like Best Buy’s “Geek Squad” but those are quite expensive. There’s the local computer sales and service centers, also expensive, and you have to drop off your computer for possibly days at a time. then there’s the kid next door, your son-in-law or the guy you went to college with that was always good with computers… but it’s always awkward to cold call him five years later.

The next question that’s been coming up in my mind is “are there programs that exist in other cities that could be duplicated here?” Is there a Philadelphia Laptop Project, a San Francisco Laptop Project, or a NYC laptop project?

I’m working on answering those questions soon.


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