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Application process, thoughts

So for this workshop/project/program. How does someone join? The application process should be easy right?

A.) How to become a community member:

* Explain the project

* Name

* Address

* Phone number or best way to contact you


Why do you want to participate in this project? What would you do with your computer? How do you hope that a computer will help you?

Can you volunteer? (If no, how do you hope to give back to the community?)

Volunteer explanation, how would you like to help here? What are your strengths?

Take a photo

Get them an ID

Get them an email account

Give them reading materials, (information to think about while we process the application, 24 hours?)

B.) Once the application is accepted:

Come in to the workshop, with ID, meet with a volunteer for orientation

Register for classes (required?)

Start volunteer hours at the workshop (sorting hardware, stuff envelopes, clean, paint, install software, learn about their computers, how to fix, run and use their computer and our community effectively?)

C.) Get a laptop

What next? What’s missing?

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  1. henry2u said, on March 8, 2008 at 4:26 pm

    It seems to me that concrete criteria for acceptance (or rejection) of applications is missing from your equation. is this going to be based (at least partially) on family income? How will you determine if the information on the applications is legitimate? Who ultimately decides on who is accepted/rejected? Sorry, just some things that occurred to me initially on reading your post……

  2. forgr said, on March 8, 2008 at 9:59 pm

    Please, no apologies.

    Many organizations require their potential clients to be enrolled in another municipal, government, or community aid programs to be eligible for inclusion in their program. They must provide proof of their enrollment.

    Another is combined income, another is first some first serve, another is reference based. The Community Media Center will base their enrollment on reduced rate wimax subscriptions on students and families that qualify for reduced lunch programs in public schools.

    How do we determine in the information is legitimate?… That’s a good question, references?

    Who decides who’s in and who’s out?… we’re going to have to reject some people right? The rich, the people with no addresses, no phone number, no references?… Let’s figure it out.

  3. Lisa said, on April 22, 2008 at 10:16 am

    There should to be a criteria system set up. Categories established for different funding sources-educational (maybe qualifies for reduced lunch programs), Senior/elderly programs, immigrant programs, Arts programs, job training programs…you get the idea.

    What you are hoping for in the way of users are those who are interested in improving their situations. Maybe each program could have an identifier – making it legitimate.

    Ideas: you must currently be registered with one of the following job training programs in the Grand Rapids Area, or you must be an immigrant applying for citizenship, a student enrolled in a local community school receiving free and reduced lunch, etc. What you are looking for are people committed to the community right?

    You could also include an alternate category. If you offered people the opportunity to qualify by a show of commitment (500 hours of service), an essay explaining intent, you may have some interesting stories to share!!!

    It would be important to establish your funding basis and support it with applicants from those funding identifiers. Some funders have specific target areas for their funding. (only teen mothers, only single mothers, only blind handicapped etc. )

    You could have a gallery wall in your storefront with people’s stories that might inspire others!

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