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Benchmarks, the importance of participation

Posted in benchmarks, bookmarks, discovery stages, writing by forgr on February 18, 2008

Programs like these are worth mentioning for their passionate staff, dedication to children and children at heart, and vision of encouraging others to participate. People involved are always learning, growing, teaching, sharing knowledge and passions.

When I was involved in programs like these, I knew that I could do, make, change things, change minds. I felt alive and connected and included. If people feel like they are a part of things, they care about the finished product. They gain respect for the process as well.

Personally, when someone makes decisions for me, I feel helpless, disconnected, trapped, or disposable. Think about simple everyday things in your life; when your co-worker doesn’t CC you on project developments, when your wife or husband forces you to go to IKEA all day on your day off, when your president decides to bomb a country. Think about when you were a kid and you had to go to bed at 8:00. Shitty right?

Here are some organizations, people and ideas that remedy those shitty little things that are all forced upon us.

826 Valencia, link

Earn-a-bike model, Bicycle Workshops Huston Earn-a-Bike Program, Youth Bicycle Education Network

The Tinkering School, link

Montessori, Erd Kinder projects, link

Montessori Farm Schools, link

Bre Petis, link

Make, Craft, Maker Faire, link

Cameron Sinclair’s Architecture for Humanity project, link


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